Three fun, easy and COVID friendly holiday activities

Christmas Tree Photo Scavenger Hunt

  • Take several photos of the unique and interesting ornaments on your tree using the square photo option
  • Then put all the photos into one Pages document and add a ‘Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt’ title + some cute clipart
  • Print it off, place the paper on a clipboard + set it out on the table with a marker for them to find in the morning

For the full instructions click here


Christmas Tree Play Dough Kit

  • Start with a GLIS box from Ikea & added two batches of green play dough (the lighter one scented with just a few drops of tea tree essential oil & the darker one scented with just a few drops of black spruce essential oil - gives off a very Christmassy smell the moment the container is opened)
  • To make the play dough, make 2 half batches of no-cook play dough
  • Next, add a styrofoam cone or wooden cone 
  • Decorations - beaded garland in silver, gold and red, some tear-shaped gems, some star-shaped gems, and a handful of small jingle bells
  • Once your kit is assembled - it’s time to play!

For the full instructions click here

Snowman Building Creative Table

  • Ideas to include in the set-up: buttons, beads, twigs, orange felt triangles, foam circles, sequins, googly eyes, and felt strips with the ends clipped so they look like scarves
  • Glue 3 circles together and begin decorating!

For the full instructions click here


Guest Blogger Spotlight @mamapapabubba

We’re so excited to feature some of Jen’s beautiful winter craft activities for you to try with your little ones! We love her unique spin on these crafts and wanted to share them with our Welo fam. :)


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