4 Factors Impacting Your Child's Immunity


A diet determines if a child will start their life off healthy and balanced, or nutritionally-depleted and weakened.


Even if a child is eating a well-balanced diet, they are probably still not getting all the nutrients they need due to our depleted food supply. Taking multivitamins, omega fats, probiotics, etc. is important to ensure proper development.


In addition to ensuring reasonable sleep/wake times, good quality, regenerative sleep is crucial. This can be achieved by ensuring no TV before bedtime as it disrupts their pineal gland. Melatonin secretions are important!


There are many environmental elements that contribute to a child’s health, mood, and immunity. In particular, a home should be free of fragrance and mold. Using only natural cleaning products, soaps, and detergents is a good idea. Finally, having a lot of natural light and good air circulation are important environmental factors.

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We’re so excited to introduce Marla (@marlashealthylife www.holisticspring.com). Marla practices Homeopathy with Holistic Nutrition and specializes in autoimmune diseases. She started on this path after having suffered for a long time with 3 autoimmune conditions and being told repeatedly that there was nothing that could be done. Meeting with a holistic practitioner was the key that changed her life both in terms of her health and her career path. One of the biggest things she’s learned so far in her journey is to be patient with your body and that everyone is different. There is not one timeline or one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your health and well-being.