A Registered Dietitian's 7 Cupboard Must Haves

Are you trying to increase your shelf-stable inventory right now to shop less while you eat at home more? We love Noelle and wanted to share her list of the top shelf-stable items to stock up on and why! Visit her at @motherhoodandmeals on Instagram!

1) OatsThey are packed with fiber and iron which helps us stay full for longer.

2) Dried Fruit These work well as part of a homemade trail mix and offer a natural sweetness for any smoothie, cookie, bread, or muffin recipe. 

3) Pumpkin Seeds They are full of protein, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, iron, fiber, and more!

4) Pureed Pumpkin They offer a valuable nutrient called beta-carotene which offers immune support!

5) Beans/Chickpeas/Lentils (dried or canned with no salt added)These offer a good source of protein in a shelf-stable form.

6) Snack BarsAwesome on-the-go option!

7) PastaBecause who doesn't love pasta!!

For the full article and to learn more about how you can use these 7 staple foods in many different ways click here.

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