8 Reasons Why We Love Canada




We're proud to be from the true north, strong and free. This Canada Day, we wanted to take a minute to reflect on some of the awesome things about this beautiful country we are so lucky to call home.

1. Vegan Poutine

There's nothing like a delicious, hot plate of fries covered in our favourite plant-based toppings. La Banquise, an iconic all-night diner in Montreal, is known for their amazing vegan poutine that comes out perfect at any time of the day. 





2. We're Home to some of Nature's Finest Creations

From the jaw-dropping clear waters in Banff to the stunning Newfoundland sunsets, our country glows with natural beauty. No other nation houses more lakes than us-- in fact, 60% of the worlds lakes are located in the great north. Now that's something to brag about.



3. We Speak More than One Language

C'est vrai! The lovely province of Quebec adds some French flair to our country's culture. With incredible French cuisine and amazing French films (not to mention, Cirque du Soleil), we're proud to be part Francophone!



4. We Created Basketball (and are current NBA champs)

Born and bred baby! Canadian James Naismith created the iconic sport using peach baskets as hoops while he was teaching at the YMCA. To this day, Canadians continue celebrate basketball as the Toronto Raptors were crowned 2019 NBA Champs.



5. Beaver Tails

These iconic Canadian desserts are well-known coast to coast to coast. These delicious pastries can be found in theme parks and downtown hubs across the Great North. We're fans of the Cinnamon Sugar flavour (and as an added bonus-- it's vegan!)



6. We're Universally Known as Friendly and Polite

If you've ever travelled abroad and introduced yourself as Canadian, you know the glory of instant royalty. To foreigners, Canadians are warm and friendly, and known to always hold the door open for you. That's something to love. #sorrynotsorry



7. Maple Syrup

This timeless Canadian condiment is in every fridge, pantry and breakfast table across the country. We love all-natural maple syrup for its delicious sweetness!



8. We Welcome Everyone with Open Arms

We're proud to be a diverse country-- it's in our DNA. Our nation boasts about multiculturalism and acceptance, welcoming individuals from all over the globe. 



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