A Mama's Guide to Surviving the Holidays

Let’s face it - we’ve all had quite the year. While the holidays are usually something everyone wants to get excited for, this year everything looks a little different. Just for a moment - forget about the Christmas gifts you still have to get, the Christmas ornaments you still have to dig out of the basement and the Christmas cards you still have to mail. Let’s talk about the one thing we all need a little more of this year - SELF CARE. I’ve curated a self care list for mamas this season - I want you to try at LEAST one of them!

  1. Let the busy world around you stop for a minute and put on your favourite Christmas movie. The Grinch, Home Alone or your favourite Hallmark romantic tree farming movie. Enjoy sitting down and don’t stand up until it’s done!

  2. Throw on some Christmas pyjamas - I don’t know about you... but the minute I put on that Christmas fleece onesie- instant joy.

  3. Make your favourite Christmas treat - hot cocoa, vegan egg nog and Baileys or your favourite Christmas baked goodness!

  4. Two words - Michael Bublé. Just pressing play on every Canadian’s favourite playlist will instantly put your mind and soul at ease.

  5. Here’s the biggest tip I have for you - combine all of the above for the ultimate night or day of self care during the holidays!

          We’re all in this together and although it’s been a tough few months, we all need to end it on a high note. Spending time with family and focusing on self care at the same time can seem like an impossible task - but I promise… with these tips, your routine just got a whole lot easier! 


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