A+ Warrior Probiotics!

The benefits of probiotics have been well known for a long time. Some of which include a boost to your immune system, improved digestive function, healthier skin, and the creation of good enzymes.

The difference between vegan probiotics and those found in your typical yogurts are huge. Traditionally, the probiotics in yogurt and other similar strains have a relatively low
survivability, ranging from 3 – 40%. The reason for this is gastric acidity and bile salts found in the stomach and digestive track. Most of the probiotics die off before the body can absorb and reap their benefits.

Vegan probiotics on the other hand, boast an average survival rate of 85%. Because they can get through the harsh conditions of the stomach, the body can absorb a majority of the probiotics consumed. Vegan probiotics are so resilient because they are covered in a non-digestible fiber known as Inulin, which is most commonly industrially extracted from chicory. Once it gets past the stomach, it then ferments in the intestines, allowing the body to absorb all the goodness that it provides. These guys definitely deserve an A+!

In short, you would have to eat a lot more yogurt or other source of “regular” probiotics to ensure the same amount absorbed from intaking vegan probiotics! Making an effort to switch probiotic sources can save you some cash in the long run as well!

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