ACV: Meet the Flavours


Each Bottle = 6.5 Kenyans Receiving Water a Month


Welo stands for "We Love" and we know you’ll love our Apple Cider Vinegars. Did you know that we love to support amazing causes worldwide? All of our beverages support water projects in Kikima, Kenya. Each bottle purchased provides 6.5 Kenyans access to clean drinking water for one month!


Our five unique Apple Cider Vinegars each provide great benefits to your overall health. You’ll definitely find the perfect ACV(s) to fit your individual needs.


Turmeric Black Pepper
Main Benefit: Anti-inflammatory properties

This powerhouse has amazing anti-inflammatory properties! Turmeric is high in iron, vitamins, and nutrients, while the black pepper helps the body absorb all of the ACV’s benefits.


Grapefruit Cumin
Main Benefit: Immune Booster

Get ready for an immune boost with this perfect pairing of grapefruit and cumin! Grapefruit helps build immunity and is rich in Vitamin C, which is known to speed up the healing process. The cumin not only acts as an anti-inflammatory, but also helps digestion. The partnership between these two super foods offers great zing to kick-start an amazing day!


Lemon Cayenne
Main Benefit: Cleansing

Meet the master cleanse from Welo! The simplicity of this pairing is ideal for detoxing the body as it contains 0 grams of sugar and only six calories. The cold-pressed lemon balances out the heat from the cayenne and helps with digestion, while also offering a variety of detoxifying properties.


Main Benefit: Anti-inflammatory properties

People rave about ginger’s ability to relieve nausea, loss of appetite and motion sickness. Ginger’s benefits don’t stop thereit also provides amazing anti-inflammatory benefits and can help reduce pain!


Pineapple Kale + Microgreens
Main Benefit: Supports Your Daily Vitamins & Helps with Digestion

This flavour is packed with nutrient-dense greens that also offer wonderful anti-inflammatory benefits. Pineapple supports the immune system and provides your daily dose of vitamins. Fibre-rich kale aids digestion and is low in calories.


Whether you’re a nutritional pro or new to the health and fitness life, incorporating Welo's Apple Cider Vinegar into your morning routine is simple. Our convenient, grab-and-go ACVs contain 2 shots of raw, oak-aged fermented vinegar, combined with the freshest cold-pressed fruits and veggies.


Follow your gut and add Welo Apple Cider Vinegar drinks to your morning routine. Get ready to kick-start your day and see positive transformations in your digestion, energy, and skin!



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