Benefits of Strength Training with Mia, Certified Fitness Trainer

Exercise does more than build your body and strength 

Read below for 5 unexpected reasons why exercise is important for all ages! 

 1) Reduces Stress & Improves Mood

During a workout, your body produces dopamine, the feel-good hormones. It helps with the day-to-day stresses we put our body through, emotionally and physically. With the right program, you should feel more energized and happy. 

 2) Overall Health

Exercising is known to help with blood circulation which can be very helpful during those monthly visits or with everyday activities like putting away your groceries or playing with your children!

 3) Improves Digestion

Besides improving blood circulation, exercising also improves the digestive system which helps relieve IBS symptoms (gas, bloating) and constipation.

 4) Alleviate Pain

Exercise is a natural remedy for body aches. Some aches are caused by de-conditioned or super tight muscles which can be alleviated through specific exercises and stretches. Your body will also produce another amazing natural chemical called endorphins which helps with some body pains.

 5) Build Endurance

It helps build endurance! It will help with long walks, stairs and even chasing after your over-energized children. Best way to keep up with them!


What’s your reason for exercising today?

Guest Blogger Spotlight (@miasiochi)

We are happy to introduce one of our lovely ambassadors on our blog! Mia is a Certified Fitness Trainer and founder of @motivatedstrengthfitness- we love her positive energy and dedication to living a healthy life!

mia siochi


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