Former Marketing Associate, Carolyn's, Biggest Takeaways from Welo

Biggest Takeaways from Working With Welo?

  1. How to be resourceful --> There were times where our team was limited on resources or time and we had to be creative with what we had at our disposal

  2. Feeling comfortable with ambiguity --> I remember several instances where we had to make decisions with minimal information or change a plan at the last-minute-- being able to just work with the uncertainty was a skill I got really comfortable with by the end of my term.

  3. What it means to be an entrepreneur --> It's pretty amazing to watch people build a business from the ground-up and the challenges and victories you experience as a business owner. I loved seeing all the different facets of a business and how they work together to produce amazing products and help customers

Advice for Someone Looking to Join #TeamWelo?

Show your enthusiasm and excitement! #TeamWelo is all about taking initiative to build something great.

Be sure to show your energy and share why you think you're the best fit for the Welo Fam!

carolyn former welo marketing associate

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