Former Marketing Associate, Carolyn's, Startup Experience

How did this job compare to other jobs you have had

I've never learned so much so quickly.

At the time, I didn't have a ton of marketing or sales experience but was incredibly keen to learn.

Katie, Stef and Jack really took me under their wings and helped me grow; they gave me major growth opportunities to apply my skills such as pitching a new line of Welo bars to grocery stores or getting to hop on customer calls. 

What was your favourite part about working for a start-up?

I loved the autonomy over my work and how I had the ability to take something and really make it my own! 

What were some challenges you experienced?

Because Welo is a smaller company, everyone is always busy taking on pretty big tasks or projects, and at times I felt I struggled to keep up.

Jack, Stef and Katie helped me organize my time (by using calendar time blocks rather than a to-do list). 

carolyn former welo marketing associate 

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