Celebrating Canadian Women 🇨🇦

In celebration of International Women's Day 2019, our team at Welo wanted to share eight extraordinary women that we know and love. These women inspire us, motivate us, and remind us just how amazing women are.

Alysha Newman @alyshanewman


Alysha Newman, Canadian Pole Vaulter, at the Rio 2019 Olympics, making a funny face to the camera


The woman that inspired this post! Alysha is a track and field superstar that reaches new heights (having represented Team Canada in the Pole Vault at the Rio 2016 Olympics) and is the perfect example of how hard work pays off. Following a season-ending injury, Alysha has bounced back and is doing better than ever, having recently crushed two Canadian records in only three weeks! 

Why we love Alysha: She’s constantly pushing herself to work harder, better, faster and stronger, and the smile on her face after she successfully lands each jump is seriously contagious.


Milli Fox @Millifox


Milli Fox wearing a Junior Foxes ring sling wearing her son Rosen and smiling at the camera.


When her son was only five months old, Milli Fox started Junior Foxes with only an iPhone and a dream. Milli is the epitome of a Girl Boss and we love her determination, passion and entrepreneurial spirit. Just this past year she competed in and won @themarilyndenisshow’s Mompreneur competition.

Why we love Milli: Milli serves as an amazing role model for young female business women and we can’t wait to see what she does next! 

Check out Milli's Website for more info.


Tory Halpin @toryhalpin


Tory Halpin wearing a "This is what a feminist looks like" T-shirt at a Steam Box Dumplings enjoy yummy vegan eats.


Tory loves to promote the vegan lifestyle in a fun-loving way--honestly, if you look at her Insta feed you’ll see, she’s never NOT smiling. Tory thrives in the Toronto vegan scene and loves to show others amazing restaurants & cafes. When she’s not sampling vegan hot spots, Tory is at home making incredible vegan dishes that we can’t wait to try. 

Why we love Tory: Tory is our go-to gal for all things vegan. She always gives us vegan inspiration and her stories always give us new cooking ideas & tips!

Take a gander at Tory's website to see what she's up to!


Liv Mcilkenny @livmcilkenny


Liv McIlkenny wearing some SoulCycle apparel and smiling at the camera.


Four years ago Liv was in Miami for work when she felt a little 'stuck' in her life, so she booked a SoulCycle class -- the class resulted in tears of happiness, as she had found something that brought her SO much joy, but also tears of sadness, when she realized there weren't any Canadian opportunities. 

When they finally came to Canada, Liv knew she had her chance, she worked insanely hard, killed the audition process, and, well, the rest is history.

Why we love Liv: Liv knew what she wanted and worked her butt off to get it and because of that she is dreaming about where she is right NOW! 

Join Liv and #livonthebike, book a class! 


Katie Emde @katieemde


Katie Emde smiling at the camera with her daughter


Katie is one of the most passionate people we know. She's a very dedicated autism advocate, sharing her story "A Journey for Avery" both online and within her local community. We love her zest for all the things she loves the most, which we’re happy to say includes Welo!

Why we love Katie: Katie takes initiative, educates about autism and also spreads the Welo love to everyone in her local Saskatchewan community. 

Check out Katie's YouTube Channel and Facebook page. 


Sarah Nicole Landry @TheBirdsPapaya


Sarah Nicole Landry wearing a cropped tee with the words "Woman Up"


The idea of self-love is very hard for many women (and men). We love seeing Sarah’s posts about how she continues to show herself love and gratitude by practicing self-care. Social media can create a facade that alters your reality, but Sarah never shies away from posting real pictures and stories about her life.

Why we love Sarah: Sarah teaches others to truly love themselves, both inside AND out. 

Read more about Sarah on her personal blog!


Dr. Laura Belus @DrLauraBelus


Dr Laura Belus sitting down enjoying a cup of tea and smiling at something off frame


As a Naturopathic Doctor, Laura’s feed is full of inspirational images and reminders to practice self-care. She also recently launched HER Health Club, an online resource which focuses on a new health topic each month (think video lessons, q&a, recipes, and a worksheet with steps to follow!) - PS. for only $39!

Why we love Laura: We’re not going to lie, seeing her messages always brightens our day and helps us remember to take care of ourselves, and she's always educating us on simple ways to stay healthy. 

Learn more healthy tips and check out Dr. Laura's website!


Liv @keepupwithliv


Liv sitting on some rocks in front of a beautiful Lake Louise in Banff, AB.


Liv is a healthy eating fanatic who loves to share healthy versions of foods we all know and love on her Insta Feed and YouTube channel. Her easy to follow recipes always bring us back in the kitchen to whip up something amazing.

Why we love Liv: We love that we can “indulge” in some of our favourite comfort foods in a healthier way, meaning there’s way less guilt! Honestly, check our her feed and you’ll understand why we love her so much.

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