DIY Christmas Tree Puzzle


This DIY Christmas Tree Puzzle includes 5 basic shapes - star, triangle, square, rectangle and circle in the design. To access the printable template for free subscribe to her newsletter and download it for free!

What do you need?

  • The Christmas Tree Shapes Puzzle template
  • 2 pieces of cardboard (at least 8.5” by 11”)
  • Sharp pen, knife and cutting mat
  • Green, yellow, and brown paint
  • Dot stickers in random colours
  • Hot glue

Let’s make this puzzle!

For the video tutorial on how to make this puzzle, click here

  • Secure the template on one of the cardboard pieces with tape at the 4 corners
  • Following the template, cut the Christmas tree out with a sharp pen knife 
  • Paint the cardboard cutouts (yellow star, brown square and rectangle, green triangles)
  • Paste some dot stickers on the green triangles as decorations
  • Use hot glue, stick the piece of cardboard with the Christmas tree cut out on top of the second piece of cardboard

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