Edible Stocking Stuffers, here we come!


Stocking stuffers can be difficult gifts to shop for during the holidays. You may have all of your large gifts beautifully wrapped and placed beneath the tree but still be out shopping for stocking stuffers at the last minute. This year, purchase your stocking stuffers in advance, taking a masterful route everyone adores - food! Here are four healthy snacks for your little one's stocking this year. 


1) Hippie Snacks

Do your children love a good crunchy texture that satisfies their hunger? If so, Hippie Snacks are perfect! Hippie Snacks are committed to high quality, healthy and organic snacks, making them perfect for stocking stuffers. Their snacks are minimally processed and have short ingredient lists. With three flavours of granola - vanilla almond, maple quinoa, and seeds + fruit - your children will have no problem enjoying these healthy snacks.

Hippie Snacks granola snack

2) Theo Chocolate

What is one thing that almost all children love? Chocolate! Making it the perfect thing to stuff your stockings with. This organic chocolate is not only crazy delicious but Theo Chocolate works directly with the farmers and pays higher prices for quality, organic cocoa beans. They even have flavours specific for the holidays!

theo chocolate

3) Smart Sweets

Most children also love candy, making it the perfect thing to stuff your stockings with. Now, imagine if you could stuff your stockings with healthier candy. Smart Sweets are gummies that are free from added sugar and artificial sweeteners. They come in an assortment of flavours from peach rings to sweet fish to fruity gummy bears - making them more unique than your average gummy bear!

4) Our Kid's Bars

Often, getting children to take probiotics is not the easiest task. Our kid’s probiotics bars make it easy to incorporate probiotics into your littles’ diets. Not only delicious, but also kid-approved. These bars support heart health and brain development. They do not even need to be refrigerated, making them the perfect on-the-go snack for your kiddies.



What's your stocking must-have? Share in the comments below! 

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