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We just got back from exhibiting at the Green Living Show in Toronto! We had such an amazing time telling visitors all about who we are and what we do, and meeting a lot of you!


While we were there we got to meet some phenomenal clothing and accessory companies that each have SUPER unique stories that we can't stop talking about.


We love that they help refugee children access education, and are using sustainable sources like leaves, recycled fishing nets, and upcycled clothing to make beautiful AND sustainable products that we know you'll love. So without further ado...



JOGGO BAG @joggo_bag



When walking through the exhibition hall JOGGO's sustainably sourced and fair-trade bags caught our eye. 


JOGGO, short for JOurney to the Greater GOod, was founded with the mission of creating an amazing product that helps the 3.5 million refugee children that aren't able to attend school. Making them more susceptible to violence, crime and child labour. 


We spoke with the founder, Mohamed Mustafa, and were able to hear firsthand how passionate he is about JOGGO's product and mission. His passion is infectious and we love their mission. As an organization that also supports children's education his story resonated with us and we had to learn more.



Check out their full range of bags and buy yours today for 15% off. You can also read more about what others have to say about JOGGO, because trust us, they're a company that you won't be able to stop talking about.




THE SALTWATER COLLECTIVE @thesaltwatercollective



One woman's trash makes another's swimsuit? With summer just around the corner, we're on the hunt for something gorgeous to wear poolside, so we were drawn in by these beautiful bathing suits.


When we got to their booth, Charlotte told us how each piece from the Saltwater Collective is handmade in Toronto and is made of abandoned fishing nets and plastic destined for the landfill.



Owner, Camilla, believes that you don't have to sacrifice style for sustainability. In fact, she wants women to look and feel their best while they're wearing The Saltwater Collective, which is why they use actual customers as their models (seriously check out their insta feed!)


These gorgeous suits have been featured in Elle, Chatelaine, Fashion Magazine.com just to name a few. Head over to their website to save $20 off a suit (just in time for swimsuit season!)




LEAFII @leafiibynature


As a vegan company, we love beautiful and durable alternatives to leather. We never would have thought to turn leaves into wallets, but that's exactly what Ro (the cutie hugging the Leafii laptop sleeve) did. While traveling through Asia, Ro became inspired and developed Leafii when he returned to Canada. 


We approached Leafii after we spotted Valerie, a former classmate of ours from our days at McMaster University! 



Just as their name implies, Leaffi is a vegan leather company that uses sustainably sourced teak leaves from Thailand in all their products.


Leafii Leaf Leather Wallets in Green and Blue


We love that you can actually see the leaves in each design, making each handmade wallet, passport holder, or bag uniquely yours. You best be-leaf that we loved their products, and the best part, because they're made of leaves, they're also water resistant. Shop their full product line here.



WASTEWEAR @wastewearinc


Ever wonder what happens to your clothes after you throw them out? The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, not far behind oil! It contributes to 20% of all industrial water waste and continues to 10% of all global carbon emissions.


This is becoming even more prevalent especially given the rise of fast fashion, where clothing isn't meant to last long.


Wastewear Inc. Product Lifecycle Infographic


This is where Wastewear comes in. This New York-based start-up uses 100% recycled apparel waste to create their clothing.


Since they take pre-existing fabrics and never use additional dyes, a simple Wastewear t-shirt keeps 0.8 lbs of waste out of landfills, and saves 700 gallons of water!



While we were at their booth, Uddhav and Vaidehi showed us the re-purposed fabrics they use, the yarn they weave, and the end result. We loved their drive and how focused they are on reducing the amount of waste from the fashion industry!


We were blown away by the ingenuity of JOGGO, The Saltwater Collective, Leafii and Wastewear - however, our exploring didn't stop there, check out our second blog post (which will be posted soon!) about the BEST cauliflower pizza we've ever had (and can't stop dreaming about) at Wholly Veggie, the Fill It Forward campaign with Cupanion, the stunning, eco-friendly cork mats at The Urbivore, and the 100% natural body and skin care from Lunah! 

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