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In our other blog post, we mentioned some clothing and accessory companies that are ethically sourced and made from unique sustainable materials like leaves🍃 and even fishing nets!🐟


We had SUCH a great time at the Green Living Show! From tasting the BEST plant-based food, to learning how one refill of a water bottle could help someone in need, to trying out super grippy sustainably sourced cork yoga mats.



THE URBIVORE @theurbivore




This sister duo, Rebekah and Emily, co-founded the Urbivore in 2016. Their mission: bring sustainable products to their Om-ies (we love a good pun!) 💕


Their signature product is a yoga mat made from cork, a natural, chemical-free substance that provides an extra grippy surface allowing you to flow with ease.


Before meeting the Urbivore Sisters we never really thought much about what's beneath our feet while we're flowing through our daily practice 🧘 - but after learning more about the harmful chemicals found in most yoga mats, we were converts.



The Urbivore Sister's Cork Yoga Mat


An added bonus to using cork? It's so much more sustainable - no 🌳 are harmed and cork is estimated to retain up to 14 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, providing cleaner air for all! Shop their gorgeous mats and more here.



CUPANION @cupanion



This Guelph based company was started in 2015 with the goal of helping you Fill It Forward by providing clean water to someone in need every time you refill! How simple and amazing is that?! 



Cupanion Green Living Show Booth and Andrea their Communications Coordinator



As we also support clean water initiatives, we love meeting another Canadian company providing safe, clean drinking water to all! 


The best part is that this is SUCH an easy way to give back. A simple scan of your barcode and you'll be able to track your individual impact to see how you're helping support clean water projects🌍! Check it out here.



WHOLLY VEGGIE @whollyveggie


One of the reasons we're a vegan company is because we care about food sustainability, and that's exactly how Wholly Veggie came to be.


Founders David and John realized that people weren't eating veggies because of the work involved in preparing them (combined with the taste), so they worked hard to change that.



Wholly Veggie Cauliflower Pizzas



They came out with a range of yummy goods that are seriously SO delicious! While at the Green Living Show we got to try the cauliflower 🍕 and honestly it was so amazing! Don't believe us? Every time new samples came out of the oven, they were quickly snatched up--Andre had to sneak us some so we could try them!




Seriously, we can't stop thinking about this pizza - you'll definitely want to try it for yourself, check out their store locator.




Lunah @LunahLife





London-based, Lunah, is an all natural beauty and skincare company that was started by Nicole (pictured below), a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.


She decided to create 100% natural, clean products that her customers were demanding, and thus Lunah was born! 




Your skin is your body's largest organ, so it's extra important to be mindful of what you put on it. The majority of products these days are full of ingredients we can't even pronounce, so finding Nicole's natural skin care line was much needed! 


Check out her locally-made products and see where you can buy some near you

PS: Wouldn't these make the most adorable gifts? If you can handle giving them away 😉


That's a wrap on our Green Living Show content - we hope to see you next year!  Check out our other blog post to see wallets made of 🍃! 


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