Gut Health With Mila, owner of Anania Wellness

How can we be more conscious of what our gut is trying to tell us?

Gut health is extremely important and it frustrates me how we are not well informed of it earlier in life. A healthy gut is the basis of a healthy life. By taking it seriously, people could save themselves a lot of time, money and pain. 

If you suffer from skin irritations, excessive headaches or stomach issues, low energy, stress etc. it’s important to check in with the gut. With easy detoxing, incorporating probiotics, fermented drinks and more you can see results quickly. 

Are there signs that your stomach or intestinal problems are related to stress?

Yes, stress can cause so many issues with the gut as well as our overall health.

Some symptoms could be:

  • Headaches 
  • Anxiety/depression
  • Diarrhea
  • Brain fog
  • Poor sleep
  • Irritation
  • Inflammation
  • Poor concentration
  • Food sensitivity 

 And more!

What is the link between gut and mental health? 

The gut is known as our second brain and produces 90% of the bodies serotonin.

The gut and brain are very connected as the brain sends signals to the body as a way of communication. The brain can switch to the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) when it feels a threat coming on and then shut down the digestive system in preparation to flight.

There is the gut-brain axis which is the connection between the gut and the central nervous system and where communication between the two take place. For example when we are nervous to present or go on an airplane we may feel like we have butterflies in our stomach. This is the gut and brains way of producing hormones and neurotransmitters (brain chemicals).

Our gut produces microbes which are a source of friendly bacteria in the stomach. When our body is constantly producing stress hormones this can affect our microbiome and cause inflammation in the gut and in the brain.

This is why it is important for someone struggling with mental health to address the gut and reduce inflammation. Using the practices below and addressing the root cause to ones digestive system or mental health can cultivate holistic healing for ones health concerns. 

What are 3 things you can do to improve your gut health? 

1) Chew your foods longer and practice breathing techniques before meals.

2) Reduce Inflammatory foods - Fast foods, refine sugar and flour, alcohol, nightshade vegetables ( tomatoes, peppers, white potatoes, eggplant).

3) Implement whole foods and collagen producing foods: Vegetables, fruit, leafy greens, whole grains, animal protein, healthy fats, bone broth. 

4) Incorporate probiotics (like Welo products) into your diet. 

What are 5 benefits of Holistic Nutrition?

  1. Address the root cause of an individuals imbalance.
  2. Create a unique and tailored protocol for the individuals concerns.
  3. Work with the client on a holistic level - looking at the body as a whole and using a body-mind-spirit approach.
  4. Learning about the important of nutrients, minerals and how organic and natural foods can support our body..
  5. Having an understand on how everything is connected in an emotions, physical and spiritual way. Using foods as a way to support the bodies imbalances to return to a state of homeostasis.

Describe Bioresonance Therapy and how it boosts the immune system. 

The human body is made up of cells, molecules and atoms. These cells rotate at a certain frequency and when that frequency is altered (such as by disease) it’s normal frequency is disrupted. The body then works to get that cell back to a balanced/ “normal” state. 

Bioresonance Therapy is a form of frequency work, non invasive, that will assist the body with elimination of harmful toxins and pathogens which in turn will help boost the immune system and help heal the body.


Guest Blogger Spotlight (@milaanania)

Mila is the owner of Anania Wellness and she loves helping people improve their health and wellness daily. She knew she wanted to be a business owner from an early age and she decided to take her knowledge and passion to help others! She is also a mother of two and we are so inspired by her hard work and dedication. 

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