How to Create the Perfect DIY Mother’s Day Gift Basket

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it is the perfect time to show appreciation for all the wonderful, hardworking mamas out there. Therefore, a gift basket full of wonderful goodies is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, especially if it is customized specifically for her. Here are some suggestions for building the perfect DIY Mother’s Day gift basket that she’ll love.

Step 1: Start with a cute basket 
For the basket, you can not go wrong with a traditional straw or wicker one.

Step 2: Add her favourite food & bev items    
Surprising your mama with her fave foods will definitely make your day. Track down her favourite snacks or drinks and throw them in, or better yet, test your baking skills and add something homemade, but if you’re not up to baking our Welo bars always pair well with some local, Ethical Bean coffee!  

Step 3: Add self-care/spa items   
Self-care or luxury spa items are a great way to show that your mother deserves to be taken care of and pampered. We’re loving all things from the female-founded business, The Scented Market (located in Guelph, ON but ships Canada-wide) - they have the cutest candles and body products!  

Step 4: Add some self-love  
Let’s remind mamas just how powerful they are with Love Powered Co’s Femme Box Set (female-founded + Canadian). 

Step 5: And we can't forget flowers  
Brighten up her home with some beautiful spring flowers - opt to support a local florist or if that’s not an option, try Plant Collective for a variety of adorable succulents.  

Not feeling up to the challenge of crafting your own basket? Pick up a pre-made variety full of local goodies & unique finds from Toronto-based, Baskits .

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