How to Keep Your Kids Busy During Lockdown

A Lockdown Day at Home with @ourhodkinsonhome

This has been quite the year- especially for those parents at home with kiddos who aren’t in school yet! We chatted with Alina from @ourhodkinsonhome who shared some of her favourite ways to keep her son busy during lockdown!

  1. Books

These are a fun, educational way to keep busy, especially on snowy days! Check out Indigo (one of our fav places to shop for books!)

  1. Stay active by doing yoga, dancing, and fun activities

Some of our favs include:

  1. Encourage creativity and problem-solving by building forts

We all remember the fun of building forts using blankets and cushions from the living room, this is a great way to encourage problem-solving!

  1. Sensory activities

Some of our favourites are from @unstoppable.mama, such as slime/rice bins and this science lab!

  1. Have some quiet time with puzzles & movies

  2. Baking!

    Sugar cookies are super easy (& yummy) and provide the perfect canvas for your kiddo to be creative and decorate with icing! We love searching Pinterest for fun, healthy recipes!

    Blogger Spotlight 

    We are so excited to welcome Alina from @ourhodkinsonhome to our blog! She is a lifestyle writer and talks about just about everything ranging from kids, motherhood, home decor and food! Check out another blog she wrote called, A Mama's Guide to Surviving The Holidays! You can find more content by Alina here.

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