How to plan the perfect picnic for your family

How to Plan the Perfect Picnic For Your Family

It’s finally spring. The weather is getting warmer and the kiddos are getting excited to take advantage of the season. Picnics are the perfect way to enjoy the warm weather with your family. 

Tip #1: A cute picnic basket is a must, but don't forget a cooler

For the basket, you can not go wrong with a traditional straw or wicker one. While a basket is a necessity, don't forget to bring a cooler to keep certain foods cold.   

Tip #2: Find the perfect spot

Be sure to look for a spot in the shade big enough for the cooler, so the items inside stay cold longer. 

Tip #3: Be sure to bring a picnic blanket or a tablecloth

Even if there are picnic tables around, don’t forget to pack a tablecloth or picnic blanket, in case the table is a little dirty.  If there are no tables, this way you can at least lay the cloth and have the picnic on the ground. 

Tip #4: Pack your favourite food and bev

Filling your basket with your kiddos favourite food is a key to creating the perfect picnic. Track down your favourite items and throw them in, or better yet, try your hand at cooking.  Bonus tip - picnics are even better with Welo hehe - bring us along to help fuel all your springtime fun. :) 

Tip #5: Bring cutlery

Consider using reusable dinnerware to show some love to our earth.  

Tip #6: Bring games and fun activities
Games are much needed - consider bringing along this printable outdoor scavenger hunt for your kiddos.
Tip #7: Pack a trash bagBe sure to pack a trash bag to make cleanup easy.

Grab a basket and a blanket, and get ready for the perfect picnic for your family. What is your go-to picnic game? 

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