Morning Routine Flip Chart

MamaPapaBubba's Morning Routine Flip Chart

With all of the craziness that mornings can bring, we turn to the Queen of Routine - MamaPapaBubba - for some ideas on adding structure to your morning with MamaPapaBubba's Morning Routine Flip Chart!

Materials Needed

- MamaPapaBubba's morning routine printable
- a legal-sized file folder
- a pair of scissors
- a ruler
- a glue stick
- pencil crayons
- adhesive magnetic tape or adhesive magnetic squares

    Now for the steps

    1. Grab your little and have them colour in their "job" pictures, explaining each one as they go. Jen (aka MamaPapaBubba) left the last block empty so you can add your own "job" if there's anything missing from your routine.

    2. As the adult (yes, that's you), grab your scissors and cut out each "job" just outside the dotted line.

    3. Open up the file folder and arrange the "jobs" in whatever order makes the most sense for your fam, then glue them down.

    4. Use a ruler to draw straight lines down from in between the "jobs".

    5. Trim off the bottom of the file folder, leaving enough room to adhere a magnet.

    6. Cut along the lines you drew in step 4 to create the flaps.

    7. Measure out 1-inch chunks of magnetic tape, ensuring you have 2 per job (14 with 7 jobs, 16 with 8 jobs).

    8. Adhere one magnetic strip above each job.

    9. Place another magnetic strip on top of each one you adhered in step 8 (sticker side up, magnetic side down)

    10. Peel off the stickers on the strips, then fold over each flap and press hard to ensure the magnet sticks.

    11. Use a marker to write, "Your Child's Name"'s Morning Routine at the top of your chart.

      Sam with Flip Chart

      Voila! Thank you so much for making all of our mornings a little easier, @MamaPapaBubba!

      PS. Check out Jen's blog for recipe inspo and easy (and affordable) craft/activity ideas - a few of our faves are:

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