Meet the #WeLoves

We're so excited to announce our #WeLoves team! 

Our ambassadors have shown us so much love & support and we're so excited to officially welcome them to the #WeLoves community. They're so unique and inspiring and we can't wait to continue to celebrate them! 

We want to thank all that applied and are looking forward to expanding our program in the near future (stay tuned, #WeloFam!).  



Jenny @little_lunch_love

Jenny isn't afraid to get creative in the kitchen. This mom of two is sure to get your kids to eat their veggies with her cute and simple lunch box ideas. We love her weekly lunch plans, delish kids recipes and adorable Instagram stories of her and her kids cooking it up in the kitchen.



Lauren @laurscally


This country loving cutie never shies away from sharing her struggles with IBS. She even wrote a blog post about how she deals with her symptoms and featured how she uses our products! We love her honesty and passion for gut health, which has led others to follow in her footsteps and join the #WeloFam!



Marla @marlashealthylife


As a holistic nutritionist, Marla helps others enhance their health and wellness. What’s even more impressive is that she’s raising three kids and running two businesses—seriously we love her drive and passion! Check out Marla’s website to book a consultation, and be sure to go to her online health marketplace, Pure Market for some Welo goodies!



Gabriel & Johana @motivatedpainters @johanaescobar


This husband and wife duo are fellow entrepreneurs that radiate positivity and good vibes. Although business ownership can be stressful, these two manage to always make us smile! If you’re looking for a laugh, or amazing paint gear then you’re found your perfect pair. They've been with us from the start and we absolutely love how much we've gotten to know them over the years.  



Sukaina @healthandfoodjunkie


Looking for some extra inspiration in the kitchen? Sukaina is a nutritionist that teaches us how to make delicious (and easy!) gluten/sugar-free recipes that have make us want to get cooking! Check put her amazing recipes (her Double Chocolate Muffins are amazing-- trust us, you'll be hooked too!)



Shelly @shelly_boudah

Shelly is a business and lifestyle coach that found our team during her health journey. This #GirlBoss is filled with optimism and her energy is contagious! However, what we love most about her is her passion for coaching others to help them live their dream lives



Jessica @jessicatylerofficial

This self-love queen is not afraid to speak her truth with regard to her body positivity struggles. As a blogger from Toronto, Jessica has empowered her followers by celebrating their differences through her Self-Love Club. We're excited to join the party!



Midori @theorganicfrenchmom


If you're looking for some healthy food inspo for your kiddos, Midori is your gal. As a healthy food blogger, Midori isn't afraid to get creative in the kitchen. From cauliflower fritters to banana "nice-cream", there's something for everyone on this Montreal-native's blog.



Salena @sal.ena_

Everybody deserves a lil' TLC, and Salena's our go-to gal for all things well-being. From DIY spa nights to inspiring Ted Talks, she manages to find a way to help us find our zen, even on the busiest of days. We're proud to be her "saving grace" while supporting her gut!



Leonora @sensible_living_

This smoothie bowl queen is all smiles all the time. Passionate about sustainability and giving back, Leonara is always sharing her tips and tricks to living green, clean and cruelty-free. For some #MondayMotivation, be sure to hit her up!



Bhavy @bhavsjourney


We're proud to be a part of this fitness-fanatic's journey. Bhavy shares her story of discovering self-confidence and happiness on her Instagram, and challenges her followers to set meaningful goals for themselves. As a Microbiome/Bioinformatics (try saying that three times fast) student, this girl really knows how to do it all.



Liz @liz.toner_

This pup-lover is all about helping others. Liz and her fluffy companion Moose are the cutest dynamic duo, always spreading the Welo love. We are inspired by this girl's kind heart and passion for healthy living, and the way she is always giving back to her community.



Lauren @theathleisureteacher

Inspiring the leaders of tomorrow on the daily, Lauren's passions for healthy living and mindfulness are vibrant inside and outside the classroom. This Toronto-based teacher shares her work-life balance on her podcast, Self Care with Lauren and Blair, is a dedicated mama and still finds time to hit the gym.



Milli @millifox

We love a #MomBoss-- and this amazing entrepreneur-mama knows the hustle. Milli started her own baby-sling company, Junior Foxes, helping new moms remain fashionable while keeping their little ones close. With it all, she manages to find some time for a daily dance party (what can we say? Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!) 



Lindsay @lunches_by_lindsay

Her litter-free lunches for her two kidlets make us wish she packed our lunches. As a teacher, Lindsay knows the importance of healthy eating for children's growth, and shares some easy peasy recipes that she whips up for her little ones. We love how she celebrates other lunch box ideas, and can't wait to join the party!



Connie @conniekyleung

Meet Little Miss Brightside! This North Vancouver foodie shares her love for all-things colourful on her plant-based feed. We love her excitement for supporting local businesses and passion for vegan eats. This healthy-eating gal isn't afraid to experiment in the kitchen-- check out her Matcha Almond Donuts for inspo!



Katie @katieemde

This #WarriorMom is all about spreading the Welo love. She's committed to spreading awareness about Autism, and shares her family's story in an inspiring and positive light. We are continually amazed by her determination and optimism no matter what is thrown her way!



Mia @miasochi

She's a brand new mama and business owner with a seriously adorable personality (talk about a #momtrapeneur). Mia’s passion for fitness--especially during her pregnancy-- is amazing, and seriously encourages us to hit the gym. Can't wait to see some baby-and-me workouts soon!



Dr. Laura @drlaurabelus

Gut health can seem scary and complicated, but Dr. Laura's got your back. This naturopathic doctor helps her IG community look and feel their best in a simple and meaningful way. She reminds us to always make time for ourselves and encourages everyone to get started on their wellness journey.



Michelle @michelle__liane


As a photographer, Michelle captures beauty, and true beauty is embracing what makes you unique. Michelle is an advocate for Morphea and has become so confident in her own skin and reminds others to love themselves. Head over to her website and read more about her and try some of her super yummy vegan recipes!



Andrea @balancingandie

This foodie is known for putting a healthy twist on sugary sweets and candy. Andrea is the queen of clean eats; her kind soul and excitement inspire us to get cooking in the kitchen. This gal's content is always engaging, aesthetically pleasing and always delish. 



Sareena @sareenasfood

Sareena's not afraid to experiment in the kitchen. This BC culinary genius is known for her insanely creative plant-based recipes that look almost too good to eat. From brownie nice-cream sandwiches to vegan poutine, there's really nothing Sareena can't make (come to Toronto and cook for us please!)



Mitzi @mitzfitness

Need some #fitspo? Mitzi is your gal. This author, manager and all-around cross fit lover can be found in the gym getting her workout on in a way that motivates us to get our butts in gear!. We love her motivational messages and words of wisdom. 



Anna-Maria @a.nnamariab


This firecracker found us when doing a school project on Welo. Anna-Maria is a young but fierce Toronto-based student with a passion for healthy living and has been a source of inspiration for those around her. We love her excitement for all-things well-being and can't wait to continue the journey by her side!



Jen @mamapapabubba

We love this BC mama's creativity. Jen is known for building creative activities with simple household items to encourage screenless play for her kiddos. We especially love her healthy living tips for those seeking all-natural alternatives to lifestyle products (not to mention-- her oatmeal bowls are the! 



Dayna @passportsandposes

She's leading a wellness revolution and we're joining the team. Dayna's smile and energy light up every room she enters, and we adore her encouragement to help others achieve their dreams.Her travel adventures has us wanting to hop on the next flight out-- we can't wait to see what she has in store!



Lauren @laus_healthy_life

This PEI-Native is always sharing wellness tips with her community. As a naturopathic med student, Lauren knows the importance of healthy living, and shares her favourite all-natural goodies on her blog. Our team has a blast testing out some of her recipes in our kitchen.



Julia @myhealthymontreal


Delicious snacks don't have to be complicated. Julia shares her insights to make healthy eating easy, and inspires us to give back to our community. This gal's cooking paired with her keen artistic eye have us daydreaming about her feed. (did someone say vegan cookie dough?)



Jen @jensups

She's a lover of the great outdoors and always brings Welo along for the ride. Jen is a dragon boat racer who radiates positivity everywhere she goes. We love her zest for life and kindness for everyone who crosses her path. Our team is beyond excited to see where the next tide takes her!



Lau @lauwithlove


This wellness ambassador has been a part of our community since day one. Lau is known for her commitment to her own health community, sharing reminders and spreading love to support others journeys. We have loved celebrating her milestones and can't wait to see where her adventures take her as she moves to Calgary!



Katie @theeverydaykitchen

Did someone say donuts? Katie's sourdough donuts are a must-try in Saskatchewan. This girl is spreading kindness by helping others bring their best to the table through yummy recipes and mindful ingredients. We adore her optimism and her adorable kiddos who are occasionally featured on her IG!




 We're so proud to have these amazing community leaders be a part of the #WeLoves team, and can't wait to grow with each and every one of them!

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