Moriah Chiang - Why Welo?

Why Welo? 

I joined Welo for three core reasons: 

  • A shared passion for wellness: I shared a passion for providing clean ingredient products I could stand behind
  • Encouraged me to push boundaries: The Welo team provided a platform to innovate and implement new ideas 
  • Provided a platform to support to our local and global communities: Welo implemented a consumer-centric business strategy approach with a global vision to support water, education or food projects in Kikima, Kenya


Growing up as a competitive figure skater, living a healthy lifestyle has become one of my core values. I try my best to be conscious of the foods that I eat and after experiencing various digestion and skin issues, my naturopath placed me on a gluten-free, dairy-free diet and incorporated probiotics. At the time, living with dietary restrictions was somewhat new and I was always searching for foods that supported my new way of eating. The Welo products perfectly complimented my dietary needs and I immediately bonded with the employees, company vision, and their passion for food! 


Describe your role

I joined Welo during my second and third-year summer internships during my undergrad at Queen’s University. 

I began at Welo as a demo representative where I gained an understanding of the grocery landscape, our competitors, and consumer’s pain points. This information was very helpful as I transitioned into a sales and marketing intern position where I focused on developing communications that resonated with our target audience. 

The following summer, I joined the team as the Marketing Manager which provided the opportunity to focus more on building a sustainable marketing strategy through ad usage and data analytics. 

Throughout my time with Welo, I worked closely with two managers and my intern which allowed me to take ownership of bringing 8 new products to market by solidifying distribution channels across Canada and contributing to sales growth through the curation of 200+ social media marketing advertisements. I managed and promoted the brand as a customer-centric, innovative leader in the health food space. I implemented a social media cleanse program with 10 influencers across Canada to promote Welo’s corporate objective which increased brand exposure by 223.85K Instagram users in four months! I also got to assist in the launch of the Welo Kids peanut-free kids bars and proposed the idea to use the inside of our boxes for upcycling crafts for kids which is a huge success to date! 


Some additional projects included managing, packaging, and shipping the e-commerce orders, seeking out brand collaborations, designing influencer packages, creating photo and video content, and designing new packaging ideas!  

What new skills did you learn from this role? 

1. Always take Initiative - be willing to go the extra mile! 

2. Fail fast and persevere - be open to making mistakes and learning from them. Apply your learnings quickly and be open to new approaches! 

3. Focus on Agility - the benefit of a small team is the speed you can execute ideas!


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