Former Marketing Associate, Moriah's, Advice to join our team

Best advice for someone looking to joining #TeamWelo? 


1. Do your research 

I would recommend taking the time to learn the industry landscape and understand Welo’s competitors. Do your research to understand how those brands communicate and engage with their target audience. By understanding the competitor landscape you can find gaps to innovate within! Incorporate recommendations into your application and or interview. 

2. Bring your passion 

The Welo team is looking for individuals who genuinely support the mission of the company. Additionally, those who engage in and share a personal passion outside of the office. As you invest in learning more about yourself and seek to develop your strengths and weaknesses you become a better team member and an asset to the company. Share what motivates and inspires your work! 

3. Be Kind 

Welo, known as We Love is filled with incredible people who are determined to better our local and global communities. Remember to be kind and engage thoughtfully with the brand! 

Working for Welo was such a rewarding experience that I am forever grateful for! You will get to engage with many aspects of the business and learn tremendous amounts from the team. Please feel free to reach out if you have any more questions about the application or interview process! Happy to bounce ideas and get to know each other. With Love! 

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