Former Welo Accounting and Finance Associate, Nadija's, Startup Experience

How did this job compare to other jobs you have had?

Working on #TeamWelo has by far been one of the most unique experiences I have ever had! To have that amount of ownership and such a high level of impact as a co-op student was a really big accomplishment to have before graduating university! The level of support I had from my team really helped me thrive and maximize my success. When I look back to my time at Welo, I am really proud of all the hard work I put into it. At the same time, it didn’t feel like work at all! Every day, I went into the office excited to see the team and work together to set goals and work towards advancing Welo to the level we all believe it could and should be at. 

It was so rewarding to come into work knowing we all share a deep passion and love for Welo and all it stands for. I knew that each day we were all working our hardest to achieve the same goals!

What was your favourite part of working for a start up?

My favourite part of working for a start-up is getting to know the amazing minds behind the incredible company! It was so rewarding to work with Jack, Stef and Katie and learn from them. 

Their determination and ambition radiated off of them and motivated me to work at their level. Working for such ambitious and bright minded entrepreneurs inspired me every day to do my very best and work together to accomplish and execute all my tasks to the best of my ability! In such an environment, I was able to challenge myself daily and watched my skill set grow as a result. Without their inspiration and support and without our shared passion for the brand I could not have accomplished all that I have!

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Nadija holding a Welo bar

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