7 Natural Cold & Flu Remedies

1. Elderberry

  • A tasty berry known for its antiviral properties 

  • Helps reduce the severity and duration of the flu

  • Improves symptoms of upper respiratory infections

  • Enjoy it as a syrup, in a lozenge form or as a warm drink

2. Olive Leaf Extract

  • The main active substance is the polyphenol oleuropein 

  • Known for it's antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties

  • Used to treat bacterial and viral infections by stimulating our immune system to heal faster

3. Quercetin

  • A flavonoid with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well as antihistamine and immunomodulatory effects

  • Helps reduce inflammation in the lungs and the incidence of upper respiratory tract infections

  • Helps reduce the severity of symptoms related to certain viral infections

4. NAC (N-Acetylcysteine)

  • An amino acid and antioxidant

  • Thins the mucus in our airways and relieves phlegm build up 

  • Helps alleviate symptoms of the common cold and flu, like cough and congestion

5. Oregano Oil

  • Treats viral, bacterial and fungal infections with it's strong anti-microbial properties

  • It is extremely potent, always dilute it with a carrier oil (olive or coconut) to avoid burning your skin and digestive tract

6. Andrographis

  • A bitter herb and immune stimulant

  • Their anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties help lighten the symptoms and duration of the common cold, upper respiratory tract infections and other inflammatory conditions 

7. Combination Products

  • Support the immune system and reduce the duration of cold and flu symptoms

  • Clinical studies have shown it to be effective in preventing viral propagation (protecting cells from viruses)


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Wishing you all a safe and healthy winter season!

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