Mocktail, Anyone?

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, we wanted to create a green mocktail that was super tasty and could help you celebrate (or recover) from some festive activities.


To help with this task we enlisted Sareena from @sareenasfood to help us create something beautiful and delicious... AND SHE DID NOT DISAPPOINT.


This gorgeous mocktail features our Pineapple Kale + Microgreens ACV, which is not only festive and low in calories, but also boosts the immune system!


Pineapple Kale + Microgreens ACV Mocktail




  • ●  1 Thinly Sliced Cucumber
  • ●  1 Cup Ice
  • ●  2 Ounces Welo Pineapple Kale + Microgreens ACV
  • ●  1 Tbsp Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice
  • ●  2 Ounces Sparkling Water



Wrap a thin slice of cucumber around the inside of your glass and then fill halfway with ice. Pour our Welo ACV and the lime juice over the ice, top with sparkling water and enjoy!




Supports Your Daily Vitamins & Helps with Digestion

This flavour is packed with nutrient-dense greens that also offer wonderful anti-inflammatory benefits. Pineapple supports the immune system and provides your daily dose of vitamins. Fibre-rich kale aids digestion and is low in calories.

  • ●  Learn about our ACV flavours
  • ●  Learn more about ACV (the benefits, when/how much to consume)




We were wowed when we saw what Sareena created! So join us in raising a glass to her, and check out her website, she has so many recipes and drink concoctions that you'll definitely want to try for yourself.


 Beautiful shot of Sareena from Sareena's Foods wearings glasses and a black and white striped shirt


Hello, Sareena here! I'm a fellow Canadian that loves the creativity that being a food blogger and a food photographer gives me. My health has been my priority as I have been sick for many years. Through trial and error, I realized that a plant-based & gluten-free diet are key for me. I have come to realize that I love creating plant-based recipes and am now pursuing my passion for this full-time. I live in a city in the middle of British Columbia where there are so many opportunities to be active outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Partnering with Welo is something that makes me proud, as they give back to those in need! Not only do they provide healthy products for everyone, but also from each sale they make, a portion goes towards food and wells for people in Kikima, Kenya.

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