Pressing On: Meet the Flavours

Each Bottle = 6.5 Kenyans Receiving Water a Month

Welo stands for "We Love" and we know you’ll love our Cold-Presses. Did you know that we love to support amazing causes worldwide? All of our beverages support water projects in Kikima, Kenya. Each cold-press purchase provides 6.5 Kenyans access to clean drinking water for one month!

Each Cold-Press provides you with the vitamins, nutrients, and probiotics that your body needs. Now you can relax knowing that you’re doing something great for your mind, body, and gut!




● Orange Carrot Turmeric
Main Benefit: Anti-Inflammatory Properties

This winning combination has phenomenal anti-inflammatory properties! Turmeric is high in iron, vitamins, and nutrients. Plus carrots help support great vision, healthy hearts, teeth, and gums!


● Spicy Pineapple 
Main Benefit: Aids Digestion

Our spicy pineapple brings together the perfect pairing of pineapple and cayenne to support digestive health! Pineapples are an incredible source of vitamin C to kick those colds and prevent/treat respiratory illnesses. Pineapples are considered the healing fruit, and cayenne helps to reduce your appetite and can lower blood pressure.


 ● Ginger Kale
Main Benefit: Detoxifies and Soothes the Stomach

Meet the green machine! This powerhouse contains 3-4 servings of greens per bottle. Kale aids digestion, while ginger’s got your back when you’re not feeling 100%!


 Spiced Apple Cranberry
Main Benefit: Antioxidant Properties

Apples are amazing because they are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, and dietary fiber. In addition to that, cranberries have been shown to reduce your risk of urinary tract infections - talk about a bonus!


 Strawberry Basil Chia
Main Benefit: Omega 3 Benefits

This cold-press contains omega 3's found in the chia seeds! Get ready for glowing hair, skin and nails. Paired with basil's anti-aging properties, you'll be looking and feeling AMAZING!


● Beta Beet
Main Benefit: Increases Blood Flow

Achieve your personal best with this cold-press combination. Beets allow you to increase your stamina/endurance, while carrots help your vision! And to sweeten this combo up we add antioxidant-rich apples!


● Watermelon Lime Cucumber (Seasonal)
Main Benefit: Electrolyte Reboot!

This flavour is our summer star! This refreshing combination provides the antioxidants, hydration, and vitamins you need to relax poolside. Get ready to enjoy the taste of the summer and reboot on all your electrolytes.


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