Probiotic Cold-Presses: The Cold Hard Truth

You're pressed for time (see what we did there?), here are the top facts you need to know about our Probiotic Cold-Presses.



    Our convenient, grab-and-go Probiotic Cold-Presses contain 2 billion live cultures—this means that half a bottle contains the daily recommended amount of probiotics, but feel free to consume more! 
    There is no limit to how many you can consume in one day, so enjoy them wherever and whenever you want! Drink them on the way to the gym, at the office or with your meals.



    Drinking one of our Probiotic Cold-Presses with a meal allows your body to get the most out of every healthy food you’re eating and eases your digestion! Our team at Welo designed our delicious Cold-Presses to accompany a meal or snack and are not to be used as a meal replacement.



    Probiotics do more than help our bodies absorb nutrients, they also support the development of good gut bacteria. This is so important as more than 70% of the immune system is located in the gut! Meaning that your digestive health affects 
    EVERY physiological system in your body!


We all know that fruits and vegetables provide nutrients that are essential for our overall health, but it can be really difficult to consume enough produce to get our daily recommended vitamins - this is why many people turn to natural cold-press!


Unfortunately, conventional juicing processes typically use heat, which kills most of the vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes. This means you could be losing many of the amazing benefits from fruits and veggies that you’re looking for!




Welo believes that every nutrient counts, which is why #TeamWelo cold-presses each and every fruit and vegetable in-house at our facility in Mississauga! Heat is never added, so enzymes and nutrients remain intact.


We top it off by adding two billion live cultures to every bottle, helping the body absorb all of the good stuff that fresh produce provides!




Good gut bacteria work like pro-rangers that band together to fight off bad bacteria - these good bacteria can:

  • ● Aid digestion
  • ● Support a great mood
  • ● Help skin complexion
  • ● Strengthen the immune system
  • ● Reduce exercise-induced muscle damage



Backed by over 20 scientific studies, our probiotic survives 10x more effectively than yogurt based strains, so we're confident that our vegan, gluten-free cultures will do wonders for you!  

The amount of probiotics your body needs is strain-specific. Our particular strain recommends 500 million cultures for immune health and 1 billion daily for full digestive system support. As each cold-press contains 2 billion live cultures, we've got you covered!


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*If you're unsure about how to best incorporate probiotics into your diet, please consult your naturopath, nutritionist or dietitian. 


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