Super Fun Spring Bucket List Your Family Will Love


It feels like yesterday, you were pulling out your winter boots and bundling up in your scarves to combat the cold. And suddenly, you have been blindsided and now you are trying to figure out how to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather with your family.  

Here is the ultimate spring bucket list for you & your amazing fam. Bonus tip - these activities are made even better when enjoyed with Welo hehe - bring us along to help fuel all your springtime fun. :) 

Things to do at home:

1) Make a bird feeder 

2) Have a garage sale 

3) Spring clean 

4) Bake cookies 

5) Have a board game night 

6) Plant flowers  

7) Build a fort 

8) Make a suncatcher  

9) Try a new baking recipe  

10) Have a bonfire

Creative outdoor activities:

1) Plant a garden 

2) Fly a kite 

3) Play in the rain 

4) Pull out the sidewalk chalk  

5) Watch the sunset or sunrise  

6) Go for a bike ride 

7) Skip rocks at the nearest lake  

8) Enjoy a long hike  

9) Play hopscotch   

10) Complete an outdoor scavenger hunt

Places to visit this spring:

1) Go to the zoo 

2) Have a picnic at your favourite park  

3) Go fishing 

4) Go camping 

5) Go mini-golfing 

6) Visit the batting cages 

7) Go to a baseball game 

8) Visit a botanical garden

Which activity are you most excited for?! 

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