Second up is our girl Claudia @urban.meets.erban! This superstar inspires us with her posts, love for travel, passion for makeup artistry, and fierce love for health and fitness! Catch this girl boxing or rocking a chic outfit. She can do it all!


Before the #WeloACVCleanse

1. Why did you want to join the Welo ACV cleanse?

"I wanted to join the Welo ACV cleanse because gut health is important to me! I’m constantly learning new ways to improve my overall health, and probiotics have become a huge part of my life. I believe that maintaining a healthy gut is key to maintain a healthy lifestyle and I want to share my experience to encourage others to play closer attention to the benefits of probiotics and ACV."


2. What are you most excited to see after you finish your ACV cleanse?

"I’m excited to see how adding ACV into my routine benefits my overall health! I drink ACV from time-to-time, It’s not part of my daily routine yet. I know there are numerous benefits to a cleanse, but I’m excited to see the difference in my body after a month of Welo’s ACV drinks!"


3. How often do you drink ACV?

"I do not drink ACV consistently. I use it in a lot of my dressings and meals, but I don’t drink ACV daily. I think this cleanse came at the perfect time because I can truly gauge how much ACV benefits me."


4. What is your favorite part of Welo?

"My favorite part about Welo is their passion for health and a desire to educate and give back. Welo is not only promoting health through their products, their proceeds from a single Welo product helps provide 6.5 Kenyans with clean water for an entire month! Working with Welo is an absolute honor."


After the #WeloACVCleanse! 

Photo: @urban.meets.erban


1. What changes have you seen after completing this ACV Cleanse?

"I've noticed less bloating! Although I'm still quite sensitive to almost everything on the planet, I did notice that the bloating was less frequent and that the ACV (specifically the Turmeric ACV) helped reduce it and subside any discomfort."


2. What did you enjoy most about working with Welo?

"The energy. I've never felt so much love and support for a company and it's products before until working alongside Welo. Not only does everyone at Welo have a tremendous amount of knowledge when it comes to gut health and healthy eating/lifestyle, but the family they've build around them appreciates it and supports Welo 10 times more because of it. There is a HUGE sense of community, support for others, and a desire to promote healthy living. It's inspiring."


Claudia was amazing to work with! Go send her some love @urban.meets.erban


Xo - Team Welo 

Author: Moriah Chiang