Advice From A Teacher: How To Get Your Little Ones To Read More (Part 1)

 Here are some tips to help you get your little ones (and big ones) reading: 

  1. Books Everywhere! 

Developing a love of reading starts early. Providing lots of opportunities for your child to experience books is a great way to foster this. In our house, there are books in the bedrooms, books in the living room, books in the van, books in the kitchen, in the diaper bag, even books in the bathroom (actually a great spot to read when you are potty training!). Exposure to books is so important even from a very young age. When we are heading to a doctor’s appointment and I know we will be waiting a while, I bring books along to keep the kids entertained while we wait. Finding opportunities to build that 15 minutes (or more) of reading into your day is easier when there are books available.

  1. Build reading into your routine 

For our family, bedtime is the perfect time to unwind with some books. We certainly welcome opportunities to read throughout the day but we always ensure we read a few books before bed. Each night after dinner, we head upstairs for a bath, books, and bed! The kids know the routine and they each pick out the book (or books) they want to read. It is so nice to cuddle up in their beds to read with them. We all look forward to snuggling together, talking about the best parts of our day, and sharing stories each night. 

Find a time that works for your family and read together. Perhaps you read to them while they are in the bath, while dinner is in the oven, or while you’re waiting at a sibling’s extra curricular activity. Find a time that works for your family and share a book! 

  1. Let them read what they LOVE 

Reading is reading whether it is a comic book, a graphic novel, a story, a Search and Find book or a magazine. We provide a variety of reading materials and options to keep our kids interested. My parents bought a subscription to Chirp and Chickadee magazines for our kids and they ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! They may not be books, but the kids are still reading and they are engaged. Find what your child loves and roll with it! 

We also buy books for Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc. and books about topics that interest our kids to keep things interesting. My son has so many animal themed books, I’ve lost count! My oldest daughter LOVES Fancy Nancy and the youngest loves board books with read photos. So now when we head to a second hand store, we know what to look out for! 

If your child wants to read a story book or a chapter book, that’s great. If your child wants to read a non-fiction book about Sharks, that’s great too! The important thing is that your child is reading and being exposed to print. 

  1. Model, Model, Model 

Kids mimic what they see! If your child sees you loving books and loving reading, they will love to read too! 


Guest Blogger Spotlight

One of our Welo Ambassadors, Lauren (@lauren_makes_lunches) is a teacher and mom who makes the most creative lunches for her kiddos! Check out part two of this blog here (tip #7 is our favourite!). 

Lauren reading to baby




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