Why you should join the #WeloACVCleanse

Our third #Welogirl for the June #WeloACVCleanse is our Toronto Naturopathic medical student @laus_healthy_life Check out her feed for the most delicious recipes. They will make you want to get your apron on and get cooking in the kitchen! 


Before the #WeloACVCleanse

1. Why did you want to join the Welo ACV cleanse?

I love using ACV in my daily routine, as it has so many benefits for our health! Welo incorporates ACV into delicious little drinks that are so easy to add into your daily routine, so you can make getting ACV into your diet a lot easier!


2. What are you most excited to see after you finish your ACV cleanse?

I am excited to make this a habit! When I start my day with a detoxifying drink I feel so much better throughout the day.  My digestion and energy greatly improve when drinking ACV, so I think the cleanse is a great way to build up this habit.

3. How often do you drink ACV?

I like to drink ACV daily because it helps me to feel my best!


4. What is your favorite part of Welo?

I love what Welo stands for. I never knew it stood for "We Love".  I think that is so beautiful & has such an amazing message behind it.  I also love that they are a local Canadian company, with such beautiful people behind the brand as well!

Once June came to an end, we decided to ask each cleanse member a few questions to see the impact of our Welo ACV drinks!


After the #WeloACVCleanse!


1. Why do you add ACV into your daily routine?

Apple cider vinegar helps with my cravings and appetite! I noticed a significant improvement in my digestion throughout the day. ACV is a natural energizer and it puts an extra pep in my step! Overall, ACV is great for my overall health and well-being.


2. What did you love most about the #WeloACVCleanse?

I love what @drinkwelo is all about! They make it easy & fun to add ACV into your daily routine! Their drinks are delicious and my fave is their lemon cayenne. It contains 0 added sugar and has a great flavor naturally - heck yes!

Now it’s your turn! Join us @drinkwelo

Xo - Team Welo  

Author: Moriah Chiang

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