Bloating, fatigue, and skin breakouts aren’t the types of battles us go-getters want to face on the daily. Gut health is incredibly important because 70% of the immune system is located in the gut and your gut uses signals such as the ones above to tell you it’s in need of some rescuing!

With summer in full force, we want to be looking and feeling our very best. That is why the Welo Team decided to partner up with some incredible women across Canada to lead this cleanse and show you how it’s done! We’re about to get real about gut health - so let’s jump right in.

Over at the office, we were so excited to share the love of gut health! We got each cleanse member all set with a cleanse package that outlined all things Welo and sent each of them 30 days worth of Welo apple cider vinegar drinks. We challenged each of them to enjoy one Welo ACV drink every morning for one month and document how they felt online.

Our first #Welogirl @mayachehade is a Toronto based cafe hopping addict that is striving to be simply disciplined. With her pretty pastel pink feed, she finds the sweetest food places around Toronto. Let's be honest, the posts make us a little jelly. We asked her a few questions before the cleanse! Keep reading!


Before the Welo ACV Cleanse 

1. Why did you want to join the Welo ACV Cleanse? 

"I wanted to join the Welo ACV Cleanse because I am passionate about the brand. I have always been about health and wellness. Currently I am working out; but this cleanse will help me take things to the next level. ACV will help me to stay lean, increase my metabolism, and build muscle. I would  love to educate my followers and have them join me along the journey on something I’m super passionate about!"


2. What are you most excited to see after you finish your ACV Cleanse? 

"I am most excited about increasing my energy levels and gaining that “glowing” look and feel. I am also excited to track how the Welo ACV’s make an impact."


3. How often do you drink ACV? 

"Not regularly, My goal will be to drink ACV daily!"


4. What is your favorite part of Welo? 

"My favorite part about Welo is that it is based out of my hometown! I am Canadian proud. Also, I love the impact Welo has in the world; specifically in Kenya."

Photo: @mayachehade

Of course we wanted to hear all the details, so we asked Maya what changes she saw after completing the cleanse! 


1. What changes have you seen after completing this ACV Cleanse?

"I definitely noticed less bloating, more energy and overall less wanting to snack during the morning hours. This kept my cravings under control. I love the probiotic bars and they were a nice guilt-free treat throughout the day. Definitely will be hooked on Welo for life!"


Go check @mayachehade and show her some love!


Xo - Team Welo 

Author: Moriah Chiang