A Breakdown of The Ingredients In a Welo Bar

  1. 1. How many snack bar flavours are there?

    Welo has eight different tasty snack bar flavours: Peanut Butter Chocolate, Coconut Cashew, and Match Almond which are the single serve 40g bars; Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Chip, and Cocoa Banana which are the original kids bars; and Mixed Berry and Double Chocolate, which are the two school-safe varieties. 
  2. 2. What makes a Welo bar a Welo bar?

    We contain up to 50% less sugar than the leading bars + we have probiotics and prebiotics! Each bar is locally-made in Canada and is free from dairy, corn, soy, and is also non-gmo, kosher and vegan + all of our kids flavours are both peanut and tree nut free! 
  3. 3. What do we change when it comes to individual flavours? 

    Each Welo bar has the same foundational ingredients: gluten-free oats, brown rice syrup, brown rice crisps, natural nut butter (either peanut butter, cashew butter or sunflower seed butter), vegetable glycerine,  chicory root fibre, probiotic cultures (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086)

    When it comes to the individual flavours, we change:
    1. The nut butter: Either cashew, sunflower seed, or peanut butter
    2. The add ons: Cocoa Banana has banana flakes; Apple Cinnamon has dried apple slices; Mixed Berry has freeze dried strawberries and raspberries; Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Chocolate Chip all have natural cocoa powder
  4. 4. Why do we use these ingredients?

    The Welo bar formula is made with functional ingredients that we stand behind. We are proud that our bars are composed of naturally sourced ingredients so that we can provide you with a product that you love as much as we do.  

    (1) Whole grain, non-gmo oats: Oats are incredibly nutritious packed with important vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

    (2) Brown rice syrup: This is a natural sweetener produced by steeping brown rice with natural enzyme preparations, which convert into a smooth flavoured and pleasantly sweet liquid extract.

    (3) Brown rice crisps: Made of whole grain brown rice flour, the crisps compliment the other ingredients by adding the perfect hint of crunchiness. 

    (4) Natural nut & seed butter: From peanut butter to cashew to sunflower seed butter, there are no additives or preservatives in our nutrient-rich nut butters. All you have is a natural and delicious source of protein, healthy fats, and vitamins.

    (5) Vegetable glycerine: Made from non-gmo, soy-free glycerine, acts as an adhesive agent to maintain the bar's composition.

    (6) Chicory root fiber: Chicory (Cichorium intybus) is a plant widely grown in northwestern Europe. Chicory roots are a rich source of a water-soluble fiber called inulin that serves as an excellent prebiotic for promoting healthy digestion. Noelle Martin, MScFN, RD, loves chicory root fiber as it is a prebiotic which helps feed the probiotics. She says, "prebiotics provide a protective layer for the probiotic, so that it isn't attacked by stomach acid, allowing the probiotic to get into the lower part of the small intestine and into the large bowel."

    (7) Probiotic cultures: Probiotic cultures improve digestion and reduce gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms. Noelle Martin, MScFN, RD, mentions that both prebiotics & probiotics support immune and mental health! Our full-size bars contain 3 billion, live probiotic cultures and our kids bars have 1 billion. They're also shelf-stable and remain dormant until they are consumed, allowing them to survive 10x more effectively than yogurt based strains.