A Teacher's Tips for Reading More With Kids

Reading is important because it’s a fundamental skill for children to be successful in all other facets of the curriculum. Around grade 3 (the grade my daughter is in), a shift occurs in children’s learning, where they are no longer learning to read, but more so reading to learn. If their reading isn’t at grade level, they’ll begin to fall behind in other subjects aside from literacy - math, science, social studies, etc. I noticed my daughter struggling with this in grade 2, so we immediately sought help from a tutor to help her so she could keep up with her classmates at school. 


How do we get our children to read more? 

Well, we read to them from a young age, and model a love for reading to them as soon as possible. I’ve been reading to my children their entire lives, since they were newborns. We also want to cultivate their passion for reading by encouraging them to select grade appropriate books on subject matter they’re interested in. For example, my son loves graphic novels, and although he’s only in senior kindergarten and not reading independently yet, we recently placed a Scholastic order for some graphic novels of his choice, and we read them together. My daughter, on the other hand, seems to love all things fantasy; fairies and unicorns, so we let her pick different series that appeal to her interests. 

I will admit in this technology driven era, trying to get children to love reading is a challenge. This is something we continue to struggle with, as I often have to tell my children to get off their devices to go read. I’d rather they just intrinsically loved books, but unfortunately that’s something we’re still working on.




Some of our favourite books: 

- Maddy’s Fridge - Lois Brandt

- Dogman - Dav Pilkey

- Judy Moody - Megan McDonald 

- Fairy Magic - Daisy Meadows 

- Owl Diaries - Rebecca Elliott

- Guts and Smile - Raina Telgemeier

- Diary of a Pug - Kyla May

- Princess in Black - Shannon and Dean Hale





Guest Blogger Spotlight @theathleisureteacher

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