Why Reading is so Important (Advice from a Teacher)

We asked Canadian teacher, Lauren, why reading is so important & here is what she said...

Reading with your child is not only a time for bonding and fostering a love of reading but is also the foundation upon which their language development is building. 

Reading for at least 15 minutes a day with your child will help build phonological awareness, reading comprehension skills, concepts of print, vocabulary and will set them up for success in school. 

Developing a love of reading starts early. Providing lots of opportunities for your child to experience books is a great way to foster this. In our house, there are books in the bedrooms, books in the living room, books in the van, books in the kitchen, even books in the bathroom (actually a great spot to read when you are potty training!). Exposure to books is so important even from a very young age. Children love to look at the pictures and listen to you describe what they see. 

Click here for my tips on how to get your kiddos to read more!Looking at pictures and hearing/reading words helps to build vocabulary, listening skills, and develop language. The more a child hears, the better! 

Reading builds imagination and leads to great conversations. Talk with your child about the books your read and connections you can make to other books or personal experiences. Books are an amazing gateway to conversation and adventure. 

Reading teaches children about language and how to use it. It introduces them to new concepts and building listening skills.

Reading is a way to acquire information and children are like sponges, soaking up everything around them.