Complete each move for 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off for 2 rounds. You’ve got this!


1. Squat

- Begin with your feet hip width apart
- Keep your chest and eyes up
- Bend your knees and push your booty back as if your sitting in a chair
- Ensure your weight is in your heels
- Drive into those heels and come back up to standing, squeezing that booty and pulling your belling button into your spine

2. Alternating Front Lunge

 - Stand tall with feet hip-width apart
- Shift your weight forward so your heel hits the floor first
- Lower your working leg so the thigh is parallel to the floor and your knee is 2 inches above the ground
- To come back up, push of front leg, engaging your core to support your lower back
- Repeat on the other side

3. Bicep Curl

- Start standing with your feet hip-width apart with your arms pinned to your side
- Engage your core, by pulling your belling into your spine
- Curl arms up and bring them back down
- Make sure you are not swinging your weights, if so drop your weight

4. Wide Curl

- Start by standing tall with your feet hip-width apart
- Pin your elbows to your side to form a W
- Curl arms up and bring them back down to full extension ( just don’t lock out your arms)

5. Front Raise

- Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart and hold each weight in front of your body to start
- Raise your arms to shoulder height, pulling your belly towards your spine and then bring back down

6. Alternating Shoulder Presses

- Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart
- Loading weights at your shoulders
- Extend one arms up and bring it back down, then extend other arm up, while making sure not to flair your ribcage out

7. Glute Bridges

- Lay on the floor with your knees bent
- Press your lower back into the ground
- Lift booty up, while driving heels into the ground
- Squeeze that booty at the top, then lower back down and repeat

8. Low Plank

- This can be done from your knees or toes
- Ensure your shoulders are in-line with elbows 
- Tuck booty under and keep gaze straight down (not at feet)
- Pull belly towards spine

9. Swimmers (abs)

- Begin by laying on your back with your shoulders on the ground
- Extend your right arm above your head and left leg out
- Begin alternating opposite arm and leg keeping leg and arm off the ground
- Make sure to press the lower back into the floor (my hand should not fit under your lower back)

10. Prayer Crunch

- Both feet are planted on the ground
- Place hands in prayer position 
- Tuck your chin and lifting shoulders off the ground 
- Crunch up, keeping shoulders lifted the whole time
- Don’t forget to engage that core, pull your belly tight to your spine