How to Get Your Children to Eat Healthy

Immunity 101 with a Naturopath Part 3

Introduce Nutritious Foods When Your Child Is Less Than A Year Old

These include things like avocado, spinach, asparagus, and garlic. Introducing these foods so young helps to train their taste buds to enjoy these foods as they grow!

Sneak In Extra Nutrition

Blending up some veggies and mixing them into pasta sauce, or adding. abit of greens powder into your child's favourite smoothie is a great way to sneak extra nutrients into their diet. 

Be Strategic With Snacking!

Try to limit snacks throughout the day so your child is extra hungry at mealtime (and therefore is more likely to eat their veggies). When you do snack, try not to offer cookies/sugary items. Instead, provide things like fruit platters with low GI fruit (berries, green apple, etc.), hummus and carrots, or their favourite Welo bar!

Marla’s 3 Best Tips For Keeping Your Children Healthy

Tip 1: A Good Daily Supplement Regime

This includes probiotics, cod liver oil, multivitamin, digestive enzymes, and greens powder.

Tip 2: A Good Diet

Consisting of healthy fats, complex carbs, vegetables, fresh fruit, and lean protein.

Tip 3: Aromatherapy

Incorporating aromatherapy daily helps to balance stress and anxiety, strengthening the immune system and more!

BONUS TIP: Daily Exercise

Going for bike rides, playing soccer in the backyard, having dance parties etc. Marla’s kids even join in on her workouts with her!

What Is A Common Health Myth You Wish More People Knew Was False?

Not all supplements are created equal! You can’t purchase a $10 multivitamin and have the same effects as a $50 multivitamin. Lower quality supplements have much smaller dosages and are laden with toxic fillers. They are also usually synthetically created. This means your body won’t absorb it because the nutrients are not in their natural form. Always choose quality over quantity when buying supplements. It is better to spend $50 and get a surge of nutrients in the body than to spend $10 and not absorb any of it.

Get to Know Our Guest Writer (@marlashealthylife)

Marla lives a gluten-free, organic, whole foods lifestyle with minimal toxins and natural supplements to support her body. She has devoted so much time and effort to learning about the body, natural medicine and the importance of good nutrition! Visit her website here for more information!

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