Simple School Communication Binder

MamaPapaBubba's Simple School Communication Binder

Sending your little ones back to school can be a very chaotic time. Don't know what to do with all those loose papers coming home from school? We have the solution for you - with the help of Mama.papa.bubba's simple school communication binder you will feel organized and ready to take on the year!


school binder

Materials Needed

  • a 2 inch binder

  • dividers

  • a pouch

  • a hole puncher

  • markers

Now for the steps


  1. Separate dividers into categories (ex. start of the year info, school newsletters, class newsletters, trip/event info, notes from the teacher, etc.)
  2. At the back of the binder, insert the 3 hole punched pouch to store progress reports & report cards
  3. Keep the binder somewhere accessible next to the 3-hole punch so you can add things easily as they come home


school binder
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