Why are your probiotics not refrigerated?

Our probiotics are spore forming which means they are dormant until they reach your intestinal tract.

Aren’t all probiotics the same?

Our probiotic has been proven to survive 10x more effectively than yogurt based strains and has over 25 clinical studies behind it. When considering probiotics it is important to consider the survivability as well as the daily recommended intake. Our probiotic requires 500 million cultures daily for immune support and 1 billion for full immune/digestive system support.

How often should I consume your bars?

We recommend at least 1/3 of a bar daily for full immune and digestive system benefits - each bar contains 3 days worth of probiotics (3 billion live cultures).

I heard prebiotics are also good for you?

Prebiotics are also equally important as they are food for the probiotics. This is why we add them to all of our bars through chicory root (one of the highest natural sources of prebiotics).