Our goal:


The proceeds from a single Welo product provide 6.5 Kenyans with clean water for an entire month.*

We’ve partnered with the Creation of Hope initiative to bring real, lasting change to Kenya. 5 cents of every bottle sold goes towards working with local communities to build water wells, which provide indefinite amounts of clean water to the community, with marginal maintenance cost.

We’re passionate about promoting great health globally, and know that clean water is the cornerstone of a healthy body and mind.

In North America, we're fortunate enough to have access to clean water, but unfortunately many countries around the world do not share the same benefit.

It is our responsibility as a company to care for and give back to our local and global community.

Our efforts here allow us to foster sustainable and life-giving water sources to the people who need it most by providing infrastructural solutions, ones that are then maintained and fostered independently.

By purchasing Welo products, you're not only improving your health, but also helping to improve the health of those in Kenya!

Small acts add up to great possibility.

*Given the average amount of drinking water a person needs
per day and the cost of a single well for an entire year.