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Our kids bars support the education and basic needs of our two sponsor children. We are already in love with them, and as our brand grows, so will the number of children under our wing. We're so excited to be able to help give children brighter futures worldwide.

Food Distribution

We know the impact that a proper diet has on our overall wellbeing. Our diet affects both our physical and mental health which is why each probiotic bar sold supports food distribution projects in Kikima, Kenya.

Water Wells

We're passionate about promoting great health globally, and know that clean water is the cornerstone of a healthy body and mind. Proceeds from every bottle sold go toward working with local communities to build water wells in Kikima, Kenya. The wells provide an indefinite amount of clean water to the community, with marginal maintenance cost.

We chose to work with Creation of Hope
to support Kikima because we love that
nearly 50% of their funding is provided by
their local community within Kenya!