Welo stands
for "we love."

This is our story. We may be kids,
but we have some pretty big hearts,
and the courage to do a whole
lot of great.


  • 1

    Create super awesome products that

  • 2

    Do super good things for your body and

  • 3

    Make a super big difference world wide.


Jack and I met in University where Jack was making cool pancakes, drinks and cookies with hidden greens and protein, being both a runner and a biker but most definitely not a chef I needed these goods in my life. Fast track to 3 years later we wanted to turn some of those ideas to life. Every day I want to pinch myself - did I seriously co-found a company? Looking back to a year ago I think I might have lost my mind for thinking it was possible but it’s somehow led us to living out this dream.
Health and fitness was always something I was passionate about, Stef was always trying to steal my drinks and snacks so I had to show her how to make her own. We started WELO to create real and functional products for real people. There’s so much passion here because we truly believe food can be healing and wholesome and nutritional. There’s nothing we don’t love in Welo and that’s definitely worth sharing with the world to me.