Subscription FAQ

Subscription FAQ

Adding or Modifying your Welo Subscription

Step 1: Login to your account (person, middle icon)

This can be found at the top right corner of site. From the mobile version it is also the middle icon, but is the pinpoint icon.

Step 2: Login and then select ‘My Profile’.

Step 3: Click 'My Subscriptions'.


Adding a Product

Step 4: Click the product you’d like to add (or search for it)!

Step 5: Fill in the information (frequency, delivery address etc.).

Step 6:It will now show under ‘upcoming orders’.

Step 7: If you click into upcoming orders (e.g. Chocolate Chip - 6 Pack) it will show the information for the order.


Changing your order frequency or pausing your subscription

Under the ‘Subscription’ tab you can see your ‘active’ and ‘cancelled’ subscriptions.To modify, click on the arrow and change anything needed, or click cancel.   

Other Questions

Q: Will I get free shipping off every order?
A: You will review free shipping off all orders $40+ (Canada-wide) and $75+ (US) 
Q: Will I receive 10% off all orders?
A: Yes! All of your subscription orders will be 10% off. 
Q: Which delivery frequencies are available?
A: You can select between 15, 30, or 60 days.
Any other questions? Please email Claire, :) We'd love to help!